The Toasted Pine Nut



Lindsay of The Toasted Pine Nut is a food blogger who makes flavorful (and delicious) recipes that just happen to be healthy and gluten free!

To share Lindsay's tasty dishes, we created an easy to follow e-book that empowers her audience to make healthy meals by following her recipes step-by-step. We also worked together to create a media kit, that will help her tell her story to potential clients, brands and outlets.

If you're looking for new recipes or wellness advice, give her website a view or download the e-book today! 

E-Book Design for The Toasted Pine Nut - Food Blogger E-Book Design
E-book Design for Food Bloggers - Food Blogger E-Book Design - Graphic Design for Food Bloggers
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Kind Words

I LOVED working with Nikki! Nikki took my lump of recipes and ideas and molded them into a beautiful ebook that I’m completely obsessed with! Not only did she take the time to hear what I was envisioning and vibe I wanted, but she is so responsive, always ahead of schedule, and really fun to work with. The ebook turned out even better than I imagined, and I can’t wait to work with her again!
— Lindsay, The Toasted Pine Nut