Marian Mellen


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After finding much success with her current business, The Zen Bird, Marian set out to find pursuit her passion with guiding others to find their true self. Enter Marian Mellen, the newest venture named after the founder herself. 

Together we created a strong brand foundation that will allow Marian to grow her heart + soul company, while appealing to her core clientele with a little touch of femininity throughout her branding. 

Through her heart + soul curriculum, Marian helps women uncover their true self, unlock what was holding them back and gain self confidence. In September 2017, Marian published her very first book, The Heart + Soul Workbook. The 12 theme self guided workbook is packed with hands on activities to build self love, confidence and inner worth. It was a wonderful experience to come alongside Marian and to make her words, wisdom and advice into a beautiful 144 page workbook.

Take a peek at her branding below, photography of her workbook and visit her site to learn more about her 1:1 coaching services.

Marian Mellen Life Coach Branding
Wellness Coach Custom SquareSpace Website Design


Working with Nikki is the best decision I have made for my business. Not only is Nikki incredibly organized, talented and detail oriented- she knows my business and branding better than I do most days! She is always one step ahead on our brainstorms and works to ensure my brand is 100% ME. Nikki created my newest branding of Marian Mellen // Heart and Soul Living. After a few sessions, we had my brand and website looking exactly how I had pictured and hoped. Nikki knows her clients and can truly create an authentic and meaningful brand through 1:1 inspirational sessions, meetings and conversations. She gives me clarity, simplicity and exceptional guidance.