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Marian Mellen


Signature Package


Through her heart + soul curriculum, Marian helps women uncover their true self, unlock what was holding them back and gain self confidence. Together we created a strong brand foundation that allows Marian to grow her heart + soul company, while appealing to her core clientele with a little touch of femininity throughout her branding. I also designed Marian’s first book, a 144 page self guided workbook.

Through this holistic approach, we created a timeless brand, a Squarespace website, brand photography and countless collateral pieces.

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Life Coach Squarespace Website Design - Squarespace Website Design for Mindful Coaches

Kind Words

Working with Nikki is the best decision I have made for my business. Not only is Nikki incredibly organized, talented and detail oriented- she knows my business and branding better than I do most days! She is always one step ahead on our brainstorms and works to ensure my brand is 100% ME. Nikki created my newest branding of Marian Mellen // Heart and Soul Living. After a few sessions, we had my brand and website looking exactly how I had pictured and hoped. Nikki knows her clients and can truly create an authentic and meaningful brand through 1:1 inspirational sessions, meetings and conversations. She gives me clarity, simplicity and exceptional guidance.