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Frequently Asked Questions



When can we get started?
Spots tend to fill up 1-3 months in advance, so I recommend reaching out to get a discovery call on the calendar. If we're a good fit, from there I'll send over the contract and deposit to secure your spot.
How does payment work?
To reserve a spot in my schedule, I require a signed contract and 50% deposit. The remaining balance is due upon project completion. For the signature package, I do offer the ability to split the payments into thirds.
How do we stay on track with our timeline?
I use Asana, a project management tool, for all my projects. This helps us stay on track, organize files, assets and feedback. And don't fret, if you're new to Asana, I've made a quick tutorial video to make you feel right at home.
Do you offer ongoing services?
Absolutely! I enjoy working with clients after we've wrapped up their brand identity or website, to help them carry their esthetics across multiple platforms and projects.
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What is the brand identity process like?
The brand identity process is going to go much deeper than "just a logo." With video and/or phone calls and brand homework, we'll be set up to dive into your brand's values, mission and why. Everything I design comes back to your message and helps you align with your target audience.

I offer the one-concept approach, which will give you the very best option to amplify your brand's story. The first time you see your brand, it will be showcased as a full presentation that includes brand colors, fonts and even mock ups.

From there, we will refine to make it just right and launch!

But what if I need just a logo?
If you're coming for "just a logo" then Made by NF may not be the best fit for you. By building a full brand identity, you'll be able to make decisions like "what colors do I use on my site" or "what font do I use for my presentations." I'd love to discuss this topic further with you, and show you why a full brand identity can really propel your brand's footprint.
What industries have you done branding work for?
I've had the opportunity to work with an array of small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them craft their brand identity. Alongside that, I've had experience in non-profit, healthcare, wellness, fashion and other service-based companies.


What platform do you use?
Creating an online home is no easy feat. By harnessing the power of Squarespace, I'll craft you a beautifully designed website that will earn you more trust and credibility. Not to mention, it's a platform that will be easy for you to update and use on your own.
What if I already have a website?
For a seamless transition, I can set up a Coming Soon page 2-3 days before the launch. This page can host things like a contact form, social media links and a beautiful photo, so you don't miss out on any potential leads during that short span.
Will it be easy for me to update my site?
Absolutely! I do a recorded training session with every site launch. I'll show you an overview of your site, including uploading galleries, how to add a blog post or simply how to manage your images and update content.
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Brand Photography

What if I'm not near your studio in Phoenix?
No problem! If I'm shooting physical product, I'll have you ship the items to my studio. If you're needing more generic branded photos that feel like you, I can stage those as well. For example, if you offer a service, I can work to craft some imagery that would help you tell your story for your website, blog and social media. I'm always open for travel, so you can talk to me about a custom quote for that.
When do I receive my photos?
The typical turnaround time for brand photos is within 2 weeks from the photoshoot date. This gives me enough time to cull through the photos, find the very best ones and make sure they're edited to meet brand standards.
Why should I invest in brand photos?
Your potential clients or customers want to have a personal connection with you and your brand. By layering in authentic, lifestyle and brand photography, this helps you tell your brand's story on your website, social media posts, blog posts and newsletters. Not to mention, if you'd be picked up for an editorial feature, you'll already have a set of high-res photos ready to go.