Why I Choose to Design Websites using Squarespace

Deciding to niche down and specifically offer Squarespace websites for my clients was an easy decision for me. From building dozens of beautiful, responsive sites, including my own, Squarespace has always been the go-to website platform of choice. Let’s dive into some of my favorite reasons and why I choose to design websites using Squarespace.

Why Squarespace is the best solution for small businesses - Squarespace small business tool
Why I Choose Squarespace for my clients - Squarspace Website Designer - Why Squarespace is the best


It’s easy for clients to manage and update on their own.

Building a beautiful site for launch day is great, but I want to make sure my clients have the ability to update, add or change out items on their website—without having to be tied to a designer. Squarespace is a drag-n-drop platform, which makes the learning curve much easier for clients—after all, who wants to spend their time fussing with their site?!

After each site is fully built, I walk my clients through a recorded training session so they have the confidence to make updates as they need to. And thanks to the team behind Squarespace, they also have a massive library of tutorials, videos and commonly asked questions.


Squarespace is responsive.

Long gone are the days of just building a website for how it looks on desktop. Mobile and tablet users are often now the most popular way people are viewing content, so it’s important that your site looks good on all platforms. Squarespace has made this a priority in all of their templates, so you don’t have to worry about it.


There’s more ways to customize than you think.

After building dozens of websites, including my own, I’ve quickly found ways to customize the templates. The templates are great for foundation, especially within the Brine family. And from there, CSS, branding elements and beautiful photography can quickly turn a generic site into something purposeful, authentic and on brand.



I believe for Squarespace to be one of the most secure options out there for websites. Squarespace even rolled out Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which is a technology that secures the connection between your browser and the website. It’s as simple as clicking a button to make your Squarespace site secure.

With sites like Wordpress, for example, plug-ins and widgets are commonly used to create a beautiful and effective site. But that’s where security can start to become an issue. I’d rather not spend my time hunting down the developer of the plug-in for a fix, how about you?


New features and implementation.

When new trends or rules come up (ehhmm—GDPR), Squarespace is there to help make the update. Their team of experts are constantly working on ways to make it a bit easier on customers, which allows us to worry less.

Are you thinking Squarespace is the right fit for your business? Take a peek at my work, as I’ve designed dozens of Squarespace websites and am also a Squarespace Circle Member, which lends you 20% off your hosting fees when we work together.


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