Why Brand Photography Matters

You’ve built a beautiful brand, and are ready to launch your first product—but your iPhone photos are falling short of helping tell your story. Rather than googling “how to shoot brand lifestyle photos” or “tips for brand photography DIY”, maybe it’s time to invest in brand photography.

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Photography can help clients relate to your business

Your potential clients and customers want to have a personal connection to you, your products and your brand. Authentic lifestyle brand photography can help tell your company’s story on your website, social media, blog posts, newsletters and more. Not to mention, if you’re picked up for an editorial feature, you’ll have high-res lifestyle brand photos at your fingertips, ready to send at the editor’s request.


Build up a library of curated brand photos

By scheduling out a brand photoshoot, you’ll have curated, beautiful and cohesive photos to pull from—month over month. I always recommend starting out with a 2 hour brand photoshoot, and then you can layer in monthly or quarterly shoots as needed. Soon enough, you’ll have a beautiful assortment of photos that you can create your very own “library” with, and stop having to fret on getting the perfect iPhone shot.


Ideal for both product and service based businesses

If you’re a service based business you might be thinking to yourself “what would I even take photos of?” There’s lots of ways to share your brand through photography, even if you’re not product based. For example: if you are a life coach, you could have photos of meeting 1:1 with a client, journalling, at the computer, headshots and more. Brainstorming with your photographer too will be helpful.

In the end, working with a local small business photographer or brand lifestyle photographer can help you save time, money and stress less. After all, you’ve invested in beautiful branding and a top-notch product, so let brand photography seal the deal to potential clients.


Ready to book your brand photoshoot?