Three Font Pairings for Squarespace

The right typography is crucial for you brand identity—including your Squarespace website. I’ve outlined three different font pairings available in Squarespace to help you start to visualize how they work together. 

Best fonts for Squarespace - Squarespace Font Pairing Ideas
The Best Font Pairing Combos for Squarespace - Squarespace Font Combo Ideas


Elevated and Elegant

Best Font Pairings for Squarespace - Elegant and Timeless Fonts.png

This font pairing for Squarespace is ideal for a brand that evokes an elevated look-and-feel. The mix of timeless serif fonts paired back to an all caps sans serif is a great option for high-end wedding photographers, calligraphers and designers.

Header: Freight Big Pro

Secondary: Freight Sans Pro - All Caps

Body Copy: Garamond Premier Pro


Minimal and Modern

Font Pairings for Squarespace - Minimal and Modern.png

A mix of san serifs and font weight give this pairing a minimal, modern and almost athleisure approach. This Squarespace font pairing is ideal for wellness brands, organic snack companies and marketing firms.

Header: Oswald (300)

Secondary: Oswald (400) - All Caps

Body Copy: Lato


Simple and Sophisticated

Best fonts for Squarespace Websites - Simple and Sophisticated Font Pairings.png

This Squarespace font pairing is very versatile and gives off a simple, sophisticated vibe. If you’re an influencer or clean beauty brand, this combo could be ideal for you.

Header: Calluna Sans (300) - All Caps

Secondary: Prata

Body Copy: Open Sans

As a reminder, within Squarespace you can set your H1, H2, H3 and body copy—along with your buttons.


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