Mood Boards: An Important Part of the Branding Process

One of the first assets a branding client will receive from me during our process together is the Brand Discovery Phase PDF. It’s a condensed version of the important details pulled from my client’s homework, insights that I feel will be important to design, a high-level look at their target audience, as well as a beautiful and meaningful mood board.

Rather than jumping right into Illustrator or starting the sketching phase, I use the Discovery Phase as a chance to make sure we’re in alignment before starting the design of the brand identity.

Below are some details on how the mood board relates to the overall process and why it’s truly an important step.

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Why I use mood boards and part of my branding process - mood boards for branding

What is a mood board?

A mood board is a curated collection of imagery that’s used to help evoke a specific emotion, share the potential style direction of the brand identity project. 

What makes mood boards an essential part of the design process?

Let’s take for example in the brand homework that the client mentions they’d like their brand to evoke a clean, inviting feel without feeling sterile. This allows me to pull images that are purposeful and evoke that specific emotion. Maybe even a pop of color to really make sure we’re not going down the too-clean, sterile route.

The mood board is an essential part of the design process to make sure we’re in alignment before really diving into the design phase. Mood boards help set the tone and establish a vision of what’s to come.

All the images selected for the mood board are specifically chosen. In one way or another, the images tie back to the brand strategy. We’re not about just picking pretty images here at Made by NF.

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