How to Prepare for Your Brand Photoshoot

Planning your first brand photography shoot? Check out these helpful tips to set yourself up for a successful shoot day, without the overwhelm.

How to prepare for your brand photoshoot - first time brand photoshoot tips
Four Tips to plan for your next brand photoshoot - brand photoshoot planning tips from a lifestyle photographer


Map out where you’ll use your images

Are you needing new images to showcase your product on a banner of your website? Or maybe you’re looking to create a go-to gallery of images to be posted on social media? Or maybe you need a mix of web, print for collateral and social. By knowing (and sharing with your photographer) where you plan to use your images, will help your brand photographer capture the perfect photos for you.

Example:  2-3 images with lots of “white space” to overlay text, 2-3 images with product centered (for easy square cropping on social), 2-3 action images to help tell my story, without being too salesy.


Curate an inspiration board

To help curate a vibe or vision for your upcoming brand photoshoot, try creating a secret Pinterest board. Don’t worry, with a secret board you can still give your photographer access to view.

Don’t get into Pinterest overwhelm though. I recommend pinning 5-10 images total for a one hour shoot. A few things to help you when pinning:

  • Does this pin represent my brand values

  • Does this pin represent my brand colors

  • Why am I drawn to this pin? It could be the background, an accent prop, etc.


Plan out the props

Simple props help with storytelling, so it’s important that you have some trust-worthy props to bring on the day of your shoot. Maybe it’s a coffee mug, fresh blooms/eucalyptus, or notebooks in your brand colors—whatever it is, make sure you have them set aside for the big day.

It can be easy to go overboard with props, but remember less is more. Don’t forget to think about props like backgrounds. A few of my favorites are linen, marble, concrete and, of course, white.

If you are a product based business, I recommend creating a list of items you’d like to see paired together.

Example:  Pair the navy striped turkish towel with the cream tea towel  - single shots of each product (5 products total) - group shot of the 5 products together, etc.


Plan your outfit

If you plan to be in the brand or lifestyle photos, don’t forget to plan out your outfit. I always recommend my brand photography clients to wear clothing that they feel comfortable in and ties into their brand aesthetics.  

For example: if you’re a mindfulness coach with a background in yoga, you probably wear leggings, flowy tops, etc.  daily. For your brand lifestyle shoot, don’t pull out a blazer that you wear once a year, but, instead, go for something a bit dressier than your leggings, but not as structured as a blazer.

Another pro tip: get your nails done. Your hands are probably going to be in a handful of photos, and a nice manicure really helps give a polished look to your photos.

By following these simple steps to prepare for your brand photoshoot, you can skip the stress and overwhelm on photo day!


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