How to Discover Your Brand Values

Your brand identity is what represents you—from your logo to your tone of voice to your photography, the list goes on.... In order to create a cohesive brand identity, it’s important to do your homework and dive deep into what makes your business unique, and furthermore, establish your brand values.

Why is it important to establish strong brand values? These values will help keep you on track and are a great reference point as you start to build and expand your brand. Part of my brand identity process is helping my clients uncover their brand values. Below are a couple questions that can help you determine your brand values.

Let’s dive into creating brand values with an organic skincare brand as our example.

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Get clear on the purpose of your business

Having a clear understanding of your business’s purpose is key to running a successful company. Some purposes/mission statements include your ideal audience, what your business has to offer, and how they benefit from your service/product. I recommend keeping this 1-2 sentences, so it’s easy to share on your website, networking and on social media.

Ex: Crafting quality skincare for the everyday woman.


How do you want your audience to feel when they interact with your brand?

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes: how would you feel when interacting with the brand and what sort of ways would you interact? Keep in mind, this question is great because you’ll start to gather adjectives that define your core values.

Ex: My audience would feel excited, energized and hopeful when interacting with my organic skincare brand. From the clean esthetics and helpful tips (found on IG stories and my curated, educational website), they’ll learn to gain trust and lean into shopping for quality vs. quantity.


List out 5 things your brand stands for (and doesn’t stand for)

This is one of my favorite questions. It’s an easy place to brain dump all the things that are swirling around in your head, and lets them come out in an easy-to-digest list.

Ex: My brand is:

  • Educational

  • Organic and clean

  • Refined

  • Hopeful

  • Genuine

My brand isn’t:

  • Stuffy

  • Low quality

  • Trendy

  • Pretentious

  • Sale/discount driven


What makes your business unique?

It’s important to share what makes your business unique in your messaging, values and brand identity. What do your clients love about collaborating with you or why do they love to purchase your products?

Ex: My skincare line is unique for a few reasons: I’ve been an esthetician for 10+ years, studying organic, fair-trade, and plant based products. I’ve battled an auto-immune disease, which was one of the main reasons to build my brand, as I needed to find a safe and harmless skincare routine for myself. Along with my own journey, all of my products are packaged in recyclable materials/bottles, as I truly believe in giving back to Mother Earth.

After these questions, you should start to see a resemblance of what your brand stands for, which will help you determine your brand values. Still have questions on honing in on your brand values for your service-based or product business? Creating your brand values is part of my brand identity process and I’d love to support you and your brand. Visit my contact page to set up a free discovery call today.


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