5 Things to Include on Your Homepage

It’s finally time to refresh your Squarespace website, or build it for the first time. A question I often get asked as a branding and website designer is “what should be on the homepage of my website?” It’s an answer that varies by what you do, who you serve and how you run your business. Start with these suggestions on building out a strong website homepage that will help you gain the know-like-trust from your potential clients.

5 tips on how to create a homepage website that converts - squarespace website design expert
5 things to include on your homepage - squarespace website design for service based businesses


A clear headline.

When people land on your website for the first time, it’s important that they clearly understand what you do and who you do it for. By crafting a clear mission statement and placing it “above the fold”, you’ll be able to communicate with your potential clients without them having to scroll your site.

Pro Tip:  Make sure your brand photography is also on-point and can help relay this message + your values to your potential clients.


An overview of your offerings.

Showcase your top 2-3 offerings that you’d want your potential clients to interact with. You don’t have to let them know every detail, but a quick view of what you offer and a call to action to learn more.

Pro Tip:  If you offer a lot of services, showcase your best-sellers or your most profitable services here on the homepage.


Introduce yourself.

People buy from people—plain and simple. In this section of your homepage, quickly introduce yourself and make sure to showcase a bit of your personality. This will help your potential clients feel like they know you and the perfect way to start the relationship building.

Pro Tip: Include an authentic headshot here or an “in-action” photo. Say goodbye to that stuffy arms-crossed, old school headshot.


Offer additional ways to connect or resources.

Remember to extend the invite to join your newsletter, or download the free resource, or listen to your podcast. With a strong homepage in place, you’ll help guide the user to connect with you in other ways, so you can continue to nurture them and build that know-like-trust factor.

Pro Tip: This doesn’t have to feel salesy at all. Pick the one place you want to create the most engagement on and work on building that. Want more podcast downloads—send your website viewers there. Want to build your newsletter list—connect that Mailchimp account.


Sprinkle in testimonials.

People want to know what it’s like to work with you. And what better way to showcase that then with testimonials. Add in a few testimonials to your homepage (and sales/services page) to really help seal the deal.

Pro Tip: Try adding headshots to your testimonials to help create that human-like experience. Don’t forget to add getting testimonials onto your workflow as you wrap up each project.

As I mentioned, every company is different, so modifying or adding to these tips will be necessary to really create the perfect homepage for your brand. If you’d like extra support this season, I’m taking on a few Squarespace website clients over the summer, so now is the chance to work together and build an online home you’re proud of.


Ready to build your online home?


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