Finding the Right Props for Your Photoshoot

One big hurdle I often find with cohesive brand photography is finding the right props to help tell a story. In this post, I’ll share a few of my favorite tips on where to find photography props without spending a fortune.

Before we dive into a few of my favorite places to shop for props, it’s also important to make a list of the types of props that suit your brand best. Is your brand minimal with a touch of color or maybe you are bright and bubbly—whichever it is, it’s important to keep that in mind when lifestyle prop shopping.

Best Tips on Finding Props for your Brand Photoshoot - Photoshoot Flat Lay Prop Tips
Three Tips on Finding the Right Props for Your Photoshoot - Photography Tips for Lifestyle Photoshoots



Backgrounds, in my opinion, are the most important “prop” to consider when putting your photoshoot together. This is the quickest way to set a tone when photographing. Light and airy—opt for a white background or marble. Dark and moody—try slate or a concrete slab.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money when creating your flat lay photoshoot backgrounds, you just need to get a little creative. A few of my favorite backgrounds:

  • Use your desk - if you have a white or wood desk, this becomes an easy to use background!

  • Large tile samples - make a run to your local tile store or Home Depot to get a few large samples of slate, marble or concrete. They are a bit heavy, but you don’t have to worry about them crumpling or looking fake

  • DIY it - You can distress, stain or paint wood to give it a one-of-a-kind look

  • Matte paper - my favorite paper here in white matte

  • Fabric - Fabric scraps, table runners and chairs also offer a warm and cozy texture



If it fits your brand’s vision, greenery is a great way to elevate any photoshoot. Whether you’re using it in a vase as an accent or spreading it across a flat lay photo to fill white space—you’ll be happy you picked some up. A few tips when sourcing fresh blooms or greenery for a photoshoot:

  • Fresh eucalyptus from Trader Joe’s

  • Connect with a local florist if you need a specific color scheme or a statement piece


Accent Props

By adding in 1-2 accent props to your photoshoot, you’ll give your photos an authentic look and feel. Sometimes people go overboard with this step and add in #allthethings. Take a step back and ask yourself if this prop adds value to the photo or if it helps tell the story visually.

Another thing to consider when sourcing brand photography props is the versatility of the prop. Can you use it for multiple shoots? Can it stand the test of time with trends and seasons? A few of my favorite accent props that I keep on hand are:

  • Neutral turkish towels or hand towels

  • Coffee mugs

  • Matches + candles

  • Thrifted wooden bowls + trays

I hope this blog post helped you get inspired to start putting together a “prop basket” for future brand photoshoots. If anything, it’s the perfect excuse to spend an afternoon thrifting or browsing the aisles at Target.

If you need help with brand photography, I’d love to support you! Contact me today to learn more about my holistic approach to brand photography.


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